Where's Goofy?

It's now 2 years after doing the Goofy Challenge, and if you've noticed (or maybe not noticed), I haven't been keeping the site current...

That all changed after a trip in January 2009. I attended the Bermuda International Race Weekend and participated in the Bermuda Triangle Challenge (a 1 Mile time trial, a 10 kilometre run, and a half marathon) all in the span of a weekend (Friday night, Saturday morning and Sunday morning) in beautiful Bermuda.

From this trip, I've met several people and am resurrecting the site to share my pictures with those folks (and the world wide web), as well as provide a log for me to track my results over the years. Bear with me as I update the site, add some pictures and results, and provide some comments on my events.

Again, if you have any questions or comments, feel free to e-mail.

January 2009