Below are the pictures I took of part of our running group's trip to Walt Disney World to participate in Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge in 2007, Our group is part of Bay Area Fit, a local chapter of the USA Fit Marathon Training Program. During the 2006 marathon season, 2 of our groups members ran at Disney World - one the half and the other the full marathon. When they came back with their medals, a group of us said "Cool! We've got to do that!", thus our "Destination Marathon" group was formed. We chose Disney World for the 2006-07 season (we're doing Rome for the 2007-08 season), and then found out about the Goofy Challenge. We signed up and had a group of about 15 folks make the trip for the challenge (we had others, some who only did the half or the full). We had a blast training, running and then celebrating afterwards. Would I do it again? Yes - but it will be a few years down the road, as there are so many other marathons to do (so many marathons, so little time!). Remember to take a camera and have fun!

By the way, the green shirts were ordered by one of the group for 7 of us who took on the "personas" of one of the seven dwarves... (I was - and still am - Sneezy)

   - Jim Damm

Barbara at the Airport

Angie and my Mascot!

Dawn and Elizabeth finally show up...

All Strapped In




Scott after the coloring job...

New Orleans

In the cockpit

Taking off from New Orleans, next stop, Orlando!

Taking a quick nap on the plane

Another nap...

At the Orlando Airport

What a crew!

Angie and Goofy (not me!) on the train to Baggage Claim

Just before dinner (not!)


3:30am on Day 1


Still Waiting

...Still Waiting...

At least someones have a soft pillow

A quick catnap

Another catnap

The Start!!!

Why haven't we moved yet?

The Starting Line

They get to ride; we have to run/walk 13.1...

Bob and Deanne

Entering the Magic Kingdom

Our first Mickey Sighting in the park - boy does he get around!

Me with my fellow dwarves!

One of the bands along the way

Twin Princesses

The Finish Line!!!

Deanne's First Formal Finish!

13.1 down, 26.2 to go...

Saturday's Dinner

We had dinner at one of the restaurants in Downtown Disney - when we went in at 4pm, it was quiet; when we left about 5:30, the place was packed (and the line was growing). Hint - eat early!

Frank and Angie with a skinny friend!

My turn - if only I could be as thin as him!

Still a few remnants of the holidays left on Saturday night (they were gone by Monday night...)

Sunday Morning, 3:30am!!!

This is the goal!

We're almost there!!! .2 Miles left!!!

Clif's first full Marathon!







A well deserved celebration

I'll let someone else do the walking today! (I spent Monday at the parks from open to close...)

At the Pop Century Resort (where we stayed)

On the way home!

Has anyone seen a blue suitcase?

Definitely a great time! If you decide to accept Goofy's Race and a Half Challenge, good luck, and remember to enjoy yourself on the run!